A set of plans for a custom home, remodel, addition, shed or garage will include the following:

  • Front Elevation
  • Left Elevation
  • Rear Elevation
  • Right Elevation
  • Footing/Foundation Layout
  • Lower Level Layout (if applicable)
  • Main Level Layout
  • Upper Level Layout (if applicable)
  • Cut Through Sections
  • Wall/Rim & Post Details
  • Construction Notes
  • Roof Layout
  • Window Schedule (if Desired)

Available for an additional fee:

  • Door Schedule
  • Room Schedule
  • Site Plan
  • Interior 3D views/perspectives

Whether it’s a 13,000 square foot two story, a 1000 square foot split entry, a $250,000 remodeling project, or deck project, the level of quality and detail is the same in every set of plans I deliver to my clients. It's the complexity of the design that dictates the amount of detail that goes into the construction drawings.