At the first consultation I will listen and take notes about your ideas, wants, and needs. I will also share my experiences and ideas to help give you more ideas to consider, and to get a better feel for your objective. If you have a builder/contractor in mind, I will contact them to get their input to make sure that we are all working on the same page.

The next step is to utilize the information I have gathered at the initial consultation and start drawing the preliminary (conceptual) layout of the project. To keep the process moving, I will send you the preliminary layout (floor plans & exterior views) to make sure I’m on the right track. If you are more comfortable meeting in person, I will meet with you face to face to go over the preliminary drawings.

After you approve the overall size and layout of your project, I will begin to refine the plan. During this process I will be asking for your input and forward the updated layouts and exterior plans to you for your approval.

I also offer virtual three-dimensional images because I feel it is important that you fully understand what your project is going to look like before construction starts. Having a 3D prospective presents a more true-to-life view and helps visualize the finished project.

When you are happy with the overall design we will proceed to the final step of the process. I will draft the construction drawings which is the most time-consuming part of the process. Sketches, floor plans, and elevations are translated into the technical language for the builder/contractor.