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Floor trusses arrive on site

The 1st & 2nd floor trusses arrive on site. Got the trusses from Mathew Hall Lumber Co. (Component Division). After years of working there & knowing the type of product they provide, I knew what to expect from them & the quality I would be getting.IMG 0844IMG 0841

garage floor getting poured

guys from Stockinger Masonry pouring the floor in the garage. it turns out great & all drains to floor drains properly. I couldnt have done a better job myself. Great flatwork job.IMG 0829IMG 0828

getting the wdw wells in place

getting the wdw wells in place so backfilling can continue, thansk so much to Dave with Diggers inc on working on leveling out the grade to make it easier putting in the wdw wells.IMG 0824IMG 0821

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