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getting the detail figured out

We are working toward getting the front side of the house all sided because of all the extra trim pieces & details involved, the rest should go very smooth from here(baring any other weather issues-snow/freezin cold).IMG 1031IMG 1032

siding 101 begins

The siding process begins, we decided to start on the back of the garage to get all the heights and etc figured out. Cant keep it easy, we decided to go with an 8" siding up to the top of the main floor wall ht and then transtion to a 4" siding the reIMG 1030st of the way up to the soffit. Should be interesting.IMG 1026

Let the sunshine in

Getting all the windows in sure makes a difference. Loving all the small windows, not just the sunlight but the looks.

IMG 1022 IMG 1020

what a busy a day

it was a busy day at the house today, Joe from Heinen Heating along with tom from Neis Plumbing showed up today. They both started getting most of there main lines run, its so much fun seeiing how these guys run there lines to make things work out. It is always easier when the heating and plumbing guys work together, it makes the process so much easier.IMG 1000IMG 1002

all the windows almost installed

Ater getting some of the exterior doors we decide to get more of the windows installed. We are tryint to get inclosed beforw winter shows up. It is also  startinIMG 0993g to look like a home now.IMG 0980

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