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start on the window trim

IMG 0951After doing some research & working with Andersen Windows we decided to go with a trim package around the windows & doors to add some color & charactor. Now I just need to put them together IMG 0950so they can go on when we install all the windows. What a nice product to put together, very easy for any homeowner or builder to do.

roof sheathing adds more looks

after adding some roof sheathing & fascia boards it really is starting to look like something other than just a pile of sticks. Got the housewrap around the main level to keep the snow out again?IMG 0948IMG 0945

house roof trusses are all up

We got all the roof trusses over the house up & in place, with only a few hick-ups ofcourse. Everything came together really good, with 4 guys working hard & together. Its not just looIMG 0944IMG 0941king like a square box anymore. Thanks again to the expertice of Jim with Bosl Construction leading the way.

start to set house roof trusses

after getting the upper levels all up we started laying out the roof trusses and even got a few set. The trusses are really coming together nicely, thanks to the nice work by Mathew Hall Lumber Co-Component Division.IMG 0940IMG 0937

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