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Timing is everything

After the insulating gets done we decided to get the sheetrocked delivered prior to going out in the cold to continue siding. What a good decisions that was. Since they couldnt get the sheets up the stais, we decided to cut a hole in the wall. Good thing it wasnt sided.IMG 1060IMG 1058

The more insulation the better?

There can be a case of to much insualtion, wether its your walls, ceiling, or foundation. Thats why working with right people can make tit all come together & work the way it is supposed to. Having Jeff from City Wide Insulation come & do the insualting sure was nice. As you can see how they insulated our bonus room & garage areas.IMG 1045IMG 1040

Time to get this place insulated

IMG 1035Time to insulate. The guys from City Wide Insulation show up to get things insulated. Working with Jeff there was really great, he came out to the site to go voer the many areas of concerns & discuss how they think it should be handled. The house was so much nicer inside with it all insulated.IMG 1038

we continue on the outside

Despite the cold weather we plug away on the siding on the front of the home(ofcourse in the shade & windy side). Getting some of trim pieces & vetical siding sure gives it a good look.

IMG 1051IMG 1056

Minnesota weather

IMG 1002Well after a week lost due to the lovely Minnesota weather we finally get things rolling along again. Jerry from Whitley Electric conitinued getting all the boxes & wire ran. Tom Nies from Nies Plumbing & Heating got all the plumbing done. Now just get the heating in & were ready to get some insulation.

Sauk Rapids, MN


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